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4:50pm on Sunday, 11th April, 2010:

Smell of the Day


Well, after gorging myself of strawberries, that's what I'm going to smell of for the rest of the day.

Yesterday, I smelled of bitter oranges, because that's what the hotel shampoo, conditioner and bodywash smells of (for those of you interested in weirdly-scented hotel toiletries, the one in San Antonio was "bamboo crèe"). If I hadn't smelled of bitter oranges, I would have smelled of roses, because that's what they pump into the air here to stop the casino smelling of smoke and encourage people to buy oxygen from the oxygen bar.

It's jsut as well I did have strawberries for breakfast instead of the cholestrol-laden breakfasts I've had for the past few days, as it only occurred to me yesterday that although I'd studiously brought a packet of statins with me (as part of the cholestral-lowering regime my doctor put me on following my brother's death), I hadn't actually remembered to take any of them...

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