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12:22pm on Thursday, 9th December, 2010:



My dad sent me some playing cards recently that I'd forgotten all about until I opened the package. They're Rameses fortune-telling cards:

It must be 35 years since I last saw these. Basically, they're normal cards with little events, people or situations described on them:

All cards are different, and because of their orientation have two fortunes each:

There's a set of rules explaining how to use them to tell a fortune, which I won't scan for you because I've just put them back in the box... If you want your own, a set just sold on eBay for £13.05.

According to the World of Playing Cards, this pack design dates originally from about 1910, but was still being sold in the 1920s. So, that makes them 85-100 years old, then. I figured they had to date from before 1930, though, because of this joker:

Typical. You use a swastika as a symbol of luck for 8,000 years, and it only takes one genocidal maniac to change its meaning forever...

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