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7:46am on Friday, 9th July, 2010:



For breakfast at this hotel (the Leipzig Marriott), you have to fill out a card with your name, room and some other stuff. Because this takes time, they have a tray of small glasses of juice for people to drink while they're waiting their turn.

This morning, I picked up my juice, swigged it in one, and then realised to my horror that it was grapefruit.

Firstly, I don't like grapefruit. You have to be a sadist or be wearing a condom on your tongue to drink that stuff — the aftertaste is ghastly.

Secondly, I was specifically told by my doctor to avoid drinking grapefruit juice at all costs on account of how it puts the statins I take to lower my cholesterol into overdrive. Hours of muscle pain will follow.

Ah, but I have a reprieve! I ran out of statins on Wednesday, so didn't take any yesterday. Ha! You missed me, grapefruit juice!

I'm sure the cholesterol from the brie sandwich and the bacon and scrambled egg I had for breakfast will miss me, too...

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