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9:01pm on Thursday, 8th July, 2010:

Leipzig Vignette


I have photos, of course, but will wait until I'm sitting at a bigger screen before I show them. Meanwhile, here are some general observations of Leipzig...

So many restaurants, and they're very well patronised for mostof the day. The population should be obese, but they all look fit and healthy.

There must be a dozen department stores in the city centre. My guess is that the're occupying buildings from the GDR days.

Ooh, they have mad people shouting religious platitudes just like we do in the UK!

There are lots of bicycles here. Leipzig has a 601-year-old university, so I suspect that students are the reason cyclists are so well catered-for.

Where are the computer game shops? Where are the boardgame shops, come to that? I have room in my suitcase, why can't I buy games here?

It might be cute having a 10-tear-old girl fronting the famiy of street-singing gypsies, but jeez, not if the kid's tone deaf. I heard combinations of notes today I never want to hear ever again.

I've seen five or six examples of people who are in their 40s and 50s wearing leather-and-chains style clothes who were in some way physically disabled — making heavy use of a walking stick, that kind of thing (although one was using a disability scooter — the only such scooter I've seen here). I suppose if you spend that long practicing bondage, you are eventually going to get injured, yes...

I've seen more near-accidents on the roads here in two days than I've seen in two years back home. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised — they all drive on the wrong side of the road.

I didn't see any closed-down shops here, unlike most city centres in the UK. The place is modern, its old building well-restored, the streets bustling; yet the people I speak to who live here seem to think it's dead. Clearly they've never been to central Colchester on a Thursday evening at 9:45, ...

And that's Leipzig.

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