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10:55am on Saturday, 5th June, 2010:

To Sweden


I'm off to Sweden tomorrow to attend the Gotland Game Awards. I'm really looking forward to this, not only because it looks to be a good convention but also because it's in Visby, one of my Places I'd Like to Visit. To get there, I had to move my EE314 examination, write an external examiner's report so I didn't have to be at Brunel University, and turn down two other speaking engagements. Fortunately, I remembered yesterday that Sweden doesn't use Euros; even more fortunately, I had some Swedish Krona left from the last time I was in the country, although I may go and get some more today in case of disaster.

I don't know what my Internet connection will be like, so QBlog may or may not be updated while I'm away. Likewise, don't expect a fast response to emails...

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