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6:20pm on Friday, 4th June, 2010:

Not Allowed


I'm a sucker for taking photos when I see signs like this:

That last word is "laws", by the way — I didn't see on my camera that the flash had obscured it.

This was taken in the shop where my younger daughter was being fitted for her prom dress, which cost four times more than any item of clothing I have ever bought for myself. Photographing clothes does not, of course, break any copyright laws (although I guess in theory that photographing the sign itself and then publishing that online could be actionable). The reason the sign is there is so that gangs of teenage girls don't come into the shop, spend ages trying on every dress, damage or dirty them in the process, take pictures to upload to Facebook, and then leave without ever having had the intention of buying anything.

That's according to the shop owner, anyway...

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