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4:54pm on Monday, 4th January, 2010:

Good Game


I went to London today to meet my old friend Frank (who shares my birthday — January 10th if you want to shower me in presents). I'd arranged to take him to the RSA, but found out with an hour to spare that the restaurant is shut until the 6th. As it happened, Frank knew of another restaurant nearby that he quite liked, so we went there.

It transpired that this nearby restaurant was Rules, the oldest restaurant in London. The menu includes things like woodcock, snipe and teal, and the jugged hare (which Frank had) really was a hare that had been marinated in a jug for a week. No, vegetarians, you wouldn't really enjoy your time there. I went for the cottage pie, which used beef from a belted galloway that had been hung for 3 weeks. The restaurant specialises in venison, pheasant, duck, partridge and grouse; or, put another way, game. As Frank and I are both gamers, this seemed happily appropriate.

No, I've never heard of a belted galloway before either; apparently, it 's a rare breed (now slightly rarer). I say this so you know I'm not the Richard Bartle who is "one of the best-known cattle people in the country".

And yes, it was the beef that was hung, not the animal; if I'd meant that, I'd have said "hanged".

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