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1:22pm on Monday, 29th June, 2009:

Missing Words


I like lime, and occasionally buy lime cordial to drink. It's always lime cordial, though, not lime squash. The only other flavours that are a cordial rather than a squash are elderflower and peppermint; everything else is orange squash, lemon squash, apple and blackcurrant squash, orange and pineapple squash etc.. Even if it's 50% juice, it's still "high-juice squash".

I'm sure there's some complex packaging legislation that makes a precise distinction between what makes a drink that you add water to in order to render it drinkable either a squash or a cordial; however, I've no idea what that distinction is.

Anyway, at the weekend I went for some lime cordial and saw this:

Lime squash? Oh wow! I had to try that!

Here are the ingredients as listed on the back:

The flash has whited out some of it, so here's what the ingredients are in full:

Now there are some words missing from this list of ingredients. Can you guess what they are?

Yes, that's right: before the words "organic cane sugar" it should say "nowhere near enough".

Jeez, it's more bitter than bitter lemon — and that's supposed to be bitter!

Lime cordial it is from now on, then...

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