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11:03am on Sunday, 28th June, 2009:

Where I Work #9


Continuing the occasional series...

This is the bottom shelf of the unit behind me to the left:

It's where I keep various pieces of hardware, plus magazines I want to keep which are awaiting transfer to the netherworld that is: The Attic.

It was intended for oddly-shaped items used only occasionally — a document-binding kit, a hand-held microphone (of such an impedence level that it only works if you shout into it), a dust-cover for a keyboard that I'm sure some company probably still makes. The blue thing, though, is a paper guillotine that my kids have taken a shine to, so it gets taken out quite frequently for trimming things down so they fit in school project books and for making stuff. Needless to say, they are no better at getting it out than they are at putting it away, which is why one of the copies of Develop isn't in the pile where it should be. I have every copy of Develop ever issued, which I keep in the belief that one day they will be worth enough to fund my retirement.

Hmm, I think maybe I'll have to increase the speed at which I produce this occasional series, as my wife's period moans about the state of the office have increased in frequency recently; it may be she's running out of other parts of the house to redecorate to her specifications, so is turning her attention here. That will screw up my attempts to document my working environment no end...

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