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1:04pm on Saturday, 28th November, 2009:

In the Bag


Today, I actually remembered to take the reusable carrier bags out of the boot of my car and into Sainsbury's. Normally, I only remember when I'm closer to the shop than to my car.

Today was also a charity packing day at Sainsbury's. At the end of each checkout is someone offering to pack your bags for you in aid of charity. There were boy scouts, girl guides, teenage football clubs — that kind of thing. I got a local youth athletics club I'd never heard of. I normally like it when they help, because it means they open the carrier bags (a task I have never managed to master) so I get through much quicker.

Except, this time I didn't have carrier bags. This time, I had my own bags.

So it was, miserable cold-hearted swine that I am, that when I was asked "do you want help with your packing, sir?" I replied "no".

I might nevertheless have chucked 50p in his bucket anyway, except right at the end he took one of my own bags and opened it "for" me when I didn't want it opened. I applied my 50p bootlicker fine, and that was that.

If I'm like this aged 49, gawd knows what I'm going to be like when I'm 80...

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