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6:39pm on Wednesday, 25th February, 2009:

Shoulder Class


Today, I went to Shoulder Class.

Shoulder Class is at the local hospital, and consists of two physiotherapists who specialise in shoulder problems, plus a bunch of people with shoulder problems. I'm one of the latter.

I'd been forwarded to Shoulder Class by my normal physiotherapist, Kelly, who decided she could do nothing for me. Given that she'd written on my card that I was a "professional computer games player" instead of "professor of computer games", I think some of the problem may have been that she had trouble understanding my accent.

Anyway, shoulder class began with a painless exercise involving a pulley. I pulled one arm up with the other, then pulled the first one up with the second. Sadly, the physiotherapists noticed it was painless, and gave me some other things to do:

Hmm, so here's my theory: my shoulder is like a bucket of water, only it's full of pain instead. In the same way that if you pour water out of the bucket it eventually empties, these exercises pour the pain out of my shoulder until there's none left.

Sigh ... if only it did work like that...

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