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6:45pm on Wednesday, 11th March, 2009:

More Shoulder Class


I went to shoulder class again today. I missed out last week because I was in Portsmouth, and I'll miss out next week because I'll be in Germany, and I'll miss out the week after that because both the guys who run it won't be there. Given that I'm only down for 6 lessons, I'm kinda hoping they don't count ones at which I'm not there.

I'm not the only student at shoulder class — there are four others. Had I signed some privacy contract, or had a shred of decency about me, I wouldn't describe their problems. However, as neither of these counterfactuals are true, here's who else is there...

First, there's an older woman who seems quite active. She goes to the gym and does archery and stuff, but she can't raise her arm to shoulder height. She's near the end of her treatment and has made great progress, so gawd knows how bad her shoulder was when she started.

Next, there's a teenage girl. I don't know what's wrong with her, but the cure involves rolling around for ages on a medicine ball, followed by standing one-legged on a platform on half a medicine ball.

New today was a woman in her thirties who has very weak shoulder muscles. A consequence of this is that her arms can go into amazing positions, because there's no muscles to get in the way. Another consequence is that she can't really put them there herself because her shoulders are so weak. The guy in charge of the class is particularly keen on sorting out her problem, as he's never seen anything like it before.

Also new today was a bloke in his 20s who has asymmetric muscles. Basically, he's strong on one side of his body and not the other. I think it's something to do with his job, whatever that is. All he has to do is exercise the neglected side, then not neglect it again.

Then, there's me. I can't put my arm behind my back, but if I pay enough in pain coins then apparently I'll be able to do it in a few weeks. In terms of physiotherapy progress, I've no idea whether the exercises I'm undertaking are helping my shoulder but they're doing wonders for my biceps.

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