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7:57am on Monday, 21st December, 2009:

Games Britannia


I'm on TV tonight. BBC4, 9pm: Games Britannia.

I've no idea what I'll be saying, because when I was interviewed I spoke for an hour and a half. Only a few seconds from this will be shown and I don't know which few seconds.

I'm fairly confident that I will be on it, though, because I'm a bookend. The series (which is excellent, by the way, notwithstanding my own involvement) started by looking at the oldest game discovered in the UK, the Stanway Game. Stanway is nowadays considered part of Colchester by everyone except the residents of Stanway; as Essex University is also in Colchester Borough, that makes the temptation to mention the origins of MMOs at the end of the series irresistable.

I'm fairly confident that whichever few seconds of me are broadcast, I'm going to give the definite impression of being mad, whatever.

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