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4:00pm on Thursday, 23rd July, 2009:

BBC News


I went to London this morning to be famous. The BBC are making a short history series about games in Britain, and I was being interviewed as part of it. The interviewer was Benjamin Woolley, whom I first met in the 1990s when he was doing a pioneering series about the Internet: the part on Internet games was set in Chiswick House, and had people wandering the grounds dressed in masqued ball clothes. I'm not sure that the general viewing public got what the blazes it was about, but gamers loved it!

Anyway, the interview lasted for about 90 minutes, of which only a few seconds' worth of mid-rant soundbites are probably useful. It does make a difference being asked questions by someone who actually understands the subject area, though, so I guess it could be more.

I took this photo in the lobby of the BBC's rolling news feed:

It's a bit shaky as I was using my phone while attempting to not attract the attention of the guard who seemed to harbour a suspicion that I may be trying to snap celebrities. Anyway, as you can perhaps make out, it contains the message:

&£163;1bn plan to electrify rail line.

The HTML code for the £ symbol is £. It looks as if someone has called the # symbol "pound" (I call it "hash") and someone else has faithfully typed in a pound (£) symbol as asked, the ultimate aim of this exercise being to display a £ in the news feed. Except, it would appear that the display can show a £ anyway.

Yes, I realise that this is only remotely amusing to people who, like me, still hand-code their HTML...

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