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7:07am on Saturday, 19th September, 2009:

Common Problems with Hotels


Why do the pedal bins in the bathroom always flip over when you try to use them as pedal bins? It's not as if it would be hard either to make them weigh more or have a little slat stick out so they didn't tip. Yet 90% of hotel bathroom pedal bins are rigged up so that the pressure it takes to flip the lid open is greater than the pressure it takes to flip the entire bin over. Augh!

Another thing: why are the hair driers always in the bathroom on a cord too short to be able to use them out of the bathroom? You want to use a hair drier after you've washed your hair, which happens in the bathroom, and which steams up every mirror in there. You end up having to towel down one of the mirrors so you can use it. I don't usually bother with hair driers, but on those occasions when I want people to think I'm less of a slob than I really am, I always end up holding a hair drier staring at a mist-covered mirror.

Oh, and finally, those little pass cards that some hotels give you which turn on the lights when you insert them in the slot next to the door: it would be really helpful if they only controlled the lights, not the power to the entire room. That way, when the occupant is out the air conditioning will remain on and their laptop will continue to charge from the wall socket. Getting the cleaners to open windows to cool the room down is not acceptable unless they enjoy removing dead moths and mosquitoes from the walls when the returning occupant finds that it's hard to sleep in a room invaded bynocturnal wildlife.

Just so you know.

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