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3:59pm on Thursday, 17th September, 2009:



As a background image, my phone shows a little picture of a landmark from the country where it is. In Germany, it's Neuschwanstein; in France, it's the Arc de Triomphe (I was rooting for the Eiffel Tower, but I was wrong). In Greece, it's the Parthenon, as you can see from this shouldn't-have-used-the-flash photo:

So, what do you think they used in Switzerland?

Yes, that's right, they used this:

Yes, that's right, I have no idea what landmark it is.

It's odd that a country should have as its defining image a photo of something that people visiting that country would be hard pressed to identify. I shouldn't have to Google it to learn that it's <whatever it is — there's no Internet access in my hotelk room>. If it had been the Matterhorn, or that jet of water in Geneva, yes, that would have worked. This picture, though, well without prior knowledge I couldn't have told you you what country it was in, let alone what it was of.

This is where I find out it's immensely famous and I'm just ignorant, I know...

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