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12:38pm on Wednesday, 30th September, 2009:

A Loose End Tied


Remember this picture of a mystery iconic landmark in Switzerland?

Well, QBlog reader Alistair Riddoch thought he recognised it as Zurich. As luck would have it, he was actually due to go there this week, and can now confirm that this is indeed what Swisscom shows on my phone. The clincher is the pink building in front of the church to the right, which you can see on this photo.

There was another suggestion that it might have been the lakefront at Lugano, but the lack of a mountain in the background put paid to that.

So that's tied up that loose end.

A loose end that remains untied is the value of my 1918 half-sovereign. It transpires that these are very rare, with only a small number of them having being made at the mint in Perth, Australia. Sadly, however, my half-sovereign is lacking the mint mark for Perth. The reason for this would seem to be that it's actully a 1913 half-sovereign ... sigh.

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