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5:19pm on Thursday, 12th November, 2009:



This arrived today, left by the postman in among the branches of a rosebush:

It's volume 31 of the manga series, Inu Yasha: A Feudal Fairytale. We've been waiting for it to come out for 2 years.

We got the first 30 easily enough; the first few were alreayd published when we started buying it, and the rest came at regular intervals. In October 2007, number 31 was due to appear. It didn't. Number 32 came out in January 2008 and number 33 came out in April 2008, but number 31 simply wasn't available. Amazon knew nothing of it other than it had no copies in stock.

This state of affairs continued as more and more new issues came out, but with no 31. Then, joy! Amazon had one! Eagerly, I bought it.

Too eagerly, as it turned out. I hadn't noticed those two important words on the web page: "Language: Spanish".

I was reluctant to buy any of the steady line of new Inu Yashas coming out, because it rather spoils the plot if you read things out of order (although Inu Yasha is somewhat repetitive, so it probably wouldn't have hurt that much, but by then it was the principle of the matter!).

I checked again two weeks ago, and although I could buy volume 41 I couldn't get volume 31.

Then, earlier this week, my younger daughter checked. Volume 42 was available — and so was volume 31..! So I bought it plus numbers 32 and 33. Another couple of months and I would have abandoned the whole series, so they brought it out just in time. Advance orders go up to number 48, so their delay could have cost them quite a bit of custom.

I just hope that after all this the ending is better than the one for Ranma 1/2, which is to say that it at least has one...

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