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3:36pm on Wednesday, 11th November, 2009:

When I Say Bad...


It occurs to me that my descriptions of how bad my colds are might be dismissed as hyperbole. After all, plenty of people say they have bad colds when really all they have is a sniffle.

OK, so today I'm pretty well over my cold. I can breathe through my nose again, and my cough doesn't sound like it's going to last more than a few more days (although if it rallies it could be with me for several more weeks). Nevertheless, my upper lip area looks like this:

This isn't as bad as yesterday. Whether it's as bad as tomorrow depends on how much live skin comes off when the dead skin starts to peel, which it's just started to do. I'll probably be back to normal my Sunday, roughly a week after going down with it.

See? I get bad colds...

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