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1:19pm on Sunday, 9th August, 2009:

Where I Work #10


Continuing the occasional series...

To my immediate left is a large cabinet that came with the house we bought some 25 years ago, which we kept as a temporary storage space until we got something better. On top of the cabinet is this:

So, this is where I keep stuff that comes in rolls. This means non-Christmas wrapping paper (the Christmas paper is in the attic), brown paper, bubble wrap, sticky-backed plastic and graph paper. Also up there is related material, such as flat wrapping paper, tissue paper and home-brew game maps.

This lot spills over to the left a bit, because of pressure coming from its right. The pink folders contain a bunch of (mainly advertising) material from early virtual worlds other than my own; originally there was just the box folder, but now I have the wallet folder too. I don't know why they live up there, they just do. Anyway, on top of them are assorted boxes from Amazon, which I keep for when I need to send books and things through the post. When I set up the room, these didn't exist so I didn't need anywhere to put them. At first I put them to the right, where I keep other packing stuff (as you'll see when we get to that in this occasional series). However, I ran out of space and stacked them on top of the pink folders, which meant the rolls that were previously on top of them were pushed left with consequences for the top of the shelf unit over there.

There's a lip on the cabinet, which means there is room for flat things behind it that you wouldn't see just by looking. There are indeed such flat things hidden up there. I guess I could look, or invest some time remembering what's there, but why bother? They're bound to be imporant and worth keeping, just like everything else in the room.

I think I have some of the backing the sticky-backed plastic came off kept up there, because it had 2cm squares on it. That's certain to come in handy eventually, even though it hasn't done so in the 10 years since I put it there.

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