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4:00pm on Tuesday, 2nd March, 2010:

Where I Work #15


Continuing the occasional series...

The wall to my left is filled by three stacks of Stuff. Left to right, there's a white shelf unit, then a cabinet, then another white shelf unit. In our exploration of things not worth breaking into my house to steal, we've now reached that second white shelf unit.

Here's what's on the top shelf:

Yes, boxes.

The big green box to the left contains lots of smaller boxes and other assorted items useful for packing and packaging. If I wanted a padded envelope, or a box that might fit some little present, or some foam like inside chairs, that's where I'd look. Underneath it are some Amazon boxes for sending flat things through the post that don't mind being beaten up; to the left are some fancy bags for when I want to give people presents but don't want to go to the effort of wrapping up said presents; on top of it are larger boxes for when I want to put in something that will fit. There's also some fancy bottle bags for when I want to give people a bottle but don't want to go to the effort of wrapping up said bottle.

To the right there are some more loose boxes. Shoe boxes usually end up here, although these days you don't get shoes in boxes so much. I used to have a large stash of them, but they gradually declined under the yearly "fill two shoe boxes with things you don't want and send them to poor people in Africa who won't want them either" appeal run in my daughters' school every year around Christmas. There are some tubes there, too, which will come in handy if I ever need to send someone something that will fit in a tube.

The most interesting material is in the three brown boxes. These are lineprinter boxes, and they contain lineprinter paper from the days when computers used lineprinters. They're a really handy size, I wish I still had access to an infinite supply of them like I did when I was a student. Anyway, inside these boxes are program listings, mostly (but not all) MUD-related. There is also some design work and notes in there for MUD2. I did have all my surviving MUD1 design work in there too, but I sent that off to Stanford University to be archived, along with my oldest MUD1 listings. I do have some mid-1980s listings, including several for the CompuServe MUD1 ("British Legends") in there, should I ever need to burn something to keep the house warm.

That's about it. Oh, except to mention that it's a death trap, and I risk serious injury every time I venture up there. I'm pretty sure it's at least half an inch deep in dust, too...

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