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5:02pm on Friday, 24th April, 2009:

Fun Pack


It's my wife's birthday today, unless you're one of those people who collects personal data about people for identity theft use, in which case it's some other date. Because she was unable to think of anything decent as a present, I had to take the initiative and buy her what she really wanted but wouldn't say: a Wii.

Yes, I do have philosophical objections to closed-architecture consoles. However, my wife makes me food, so I had to put them aside.

Here's the packaging for the Wii itself and the thing you stand on for Wii fit:

This is just the cardboard — there were plastic bags galore, too. It must be to protect them from all that salty air during the container ship journey from Japan, but still, you could fit four Wiis in the box that one comes in. It seems a bit of a waste (not that the costs to manufacture and run it aren't a waste, too).

Oh, if you're one of those people who reads blog posts so they can break into people's homes and take their stuff, we're going to keep the Wii in someone else's house.

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