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6:56am on Wednesday, 6th May, 2009:

The European Youth Centre


I arrived at the EYC at around 11:30 last night, and was given room 4.11 .

From the outside, the building looks like a modern school. Inside, it's a bit like that, too.

I'm sitting on a blue chair, at a yellow desk next to a red radiator. That's RGB 0000FF blue, FFFF00 yellow and FF0000 red. These are block, primary colours. There are instructions on the wall how to use the roller blind. It really is for "youth". The room itself is the size of a univeristy flat, with enough space for the desk, bed, bedside table, side desk and wardrobe. Unlike the room I had at university, though, it has its own shower/sink/WC. This is good. I tried the shower just now and the arc on the dial between blizzard and rain of fire has around 3 degrees of angle — easy for a professional like me to get right.

There's no TV, but I wasn't planning on watching it anyway. At least this means I won't be charged for having viewed a porn film I haven't watched, as has happened before a couple of times. There's no mini-bar to claim I drank its contents, either: this is, as I said, just like a student room.

Next to the window is a no smoking sign. Ah, rebellious youth! Some previous visitor declined to adhere to its message, with the result that the bedding and the pillows all reek of stale tobacco. I'll have to use my towel-on-the-pillow trick tonight to stop the smell.

The air here is incredibly dry. I woke up twice to drink some water. Even now, I can feel my lungs desiccating. If I come back with a cold or swine 'flu, it's because my protective layer of mucus has been compromised.

Still, it's a room!

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