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4:06pm on Tuesday, 5th May, 2009:

London City Airport


My flight to Strasbourg is from London City Airport, where I am right now. I've never flown from here before, but I have to say I quite like it. It's dinky in comparison to the other London airports, but it was a breeze to pick up my boarding pass and go through security (perhaps too much of a breeze — they checked I had a boarding pass but they didn't take a look at my passport).

This side of security, it reminds me of a business class lounge. It's populated almost entirely by people in suits or smart-casual dress, and there are free power points all over so you can plug in your laptops (not necessary in my case as I still have 8.13 hours left on my battery — up from 7.16 hours a few minutes ago). The chairs are arranged so you don't have to climb over people to sit down, and some even have arms. Try sleeping on those, tourists whose flights to Mexico have been cancelled!

Of course, it did take a trip on the Docklands Light Railway from Stratford to get here (not that the person who sold me my ticket in Colchester mentioned this: I got off at Liverpool Street and was sent back tp Stratford because it wasn't valid for travel in zone 1). I may also change my opinion once I've taken to the air in some boneshaking propellor-driven relic, but hey, so far it's all just fine.

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