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3:21pm on Monday, 29th September, 2008:

Ai No Camera


Ah, good, clam phones are coming back into vogue. I've had my current mobile for several years now, and am very happy with it. As it's a clam phone, it means I can put it in my pocket along with keys, coins and memory sticks, and even though it gets all scratched it doesn't matter — the bits I don't want scratched are inside.

Sadly, though, my phone doesn't have a camera. As there are new phones now appearing which have cameras but also the protective shell I like, I expect I'll try get one for Christmas. At the moment, though, I still have my old, cameraless phone.

This explains why there is no picture here showing the orgy of pint glasses, vodka bottles and shattered glass that was all over square 3 at the university when I arrived this morning. I think maybe we had our new wave of undergraduates arrive yesterday...

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