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6:14pm on Thursday, 20th March, 2008:

Nice and Not So Nice


I was contacted today by the people whose car I graunched earlier this week. They seem very nice — just the kind of people who, if you're going to cause so much damage to their car that the insurance company won't pay out on it, you'd want to do it to.

Fixing their car isn't going to cost much, though, as it turns out my suspicions were correct and it had indeed been struck by a previous car. It was awaiting repair when I added to the damage. They could have easily not told me about this, and claimed the repair money twice; I told you they were nice people.

I was a little surprised to discover, though, that the people who had caused the damage in the first place were the ones outside whose house the car was parked. Yes, that's right, the people upon whose door I knocked to find out if they were the owners (but they weren't). They did tell me who the true owners were, but somehow declined to mention that the car had already been bashed and that they were the ones who'd done it. It looks a little like they were hoping my insurance company would pay for the full repair and then their own no-claims bonus would remain intact.

Hmm, not so nice.

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