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4:11pm on Tuesday, 18th March, 2008:



So, last night I was driving to the station to pick up my wife as usual, at round about 7:30.

Now the road connecting the main road to the station car park is very narrow. It has cars parked both sides, so basically there's only enough room for one vehicle to go down it at a time. Because a train had just come in, there were lots of cars coming out. I waited at the bottom of the road (it's on a slight hill) for the stream of cars coming out to stop, so I could get to the top where my wife was waiting.

Behind me, there appeared a van or a truck of some sort. It was fairly big — long enough to jut out into the main road that it had turned off from. One of the oncoming cars, seeing there was a problem, stopped part-way down the road so that I could go part-way up and pull over into a gap between the parked cars. This would then allow the van to advance into the space I'd vacated.

I duly went up to the gap, only to find that it was too small for me to park in, but probably enough for me to pull over into so the oncoming cars could continue. I'll never know, though, because the car that had waited decided to go forward before I'd got out of the way. I had to squeeze past the parked cars or it would have hit me.

Hmm. Maybe I should just have let it hit me. As it happened, instead I graunched the back end of the car to my left, which was parked at an angle. This is the result:

I had it looked at by the company that fixed up my previous car when I scraped a pole, and they reckon it's going to cost over £1,000 to fix.

Being the honest person that I am, I decided not to drive away and leave a nasty surprise for the stationary car's owner when they found out, so I knocked on the door of the house it was parked outside. It wasn't their car, but they knew whose it was, so I knocked on their door, too. They weren't in, and neither were they in when I tried again today a couple of times, so I stuck a note through their letter box. They haven't got back to me yet, but I expect they will when they see this:

I'm assuming that it didn't look like that before, but it's possible I'm not the only person who has hit it (it was parked in a very easy-to-be-hit manner). There are some marks elsewhere on the car that suggest it's had contact with other vehicles, too. I don't know how much the damage will cost to repair, but I'm guessing it will be more than their car is actually worth (it had a 1991 number plate).

All in all, this is going to cost me a month's salary. The insurance company say they'll cover it, but of course my premium will go up as a result so I'll still end up paying in the end.

Blast and damn.

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