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9:42am on Thursday, 18th December, 2008:

Top 10


The results of the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise are out, and here's a list of the UK's top 20 most highly-rated universities (from The Guardian):

Essex is 9th.

That's actually pretty damned good. Of course, it helps being rated #1 nationally for both Politics and Sociology, #2 nationally for both History and Accounting & Finance, #3 nationally for Economics, and #4 nationally for Language & Linguistics.

As for Computing and Electronics, well we may be one department but we were entered in two separate categories. For Electronics, we scored 2.7 (UK average: 2.67) and for Computing we scored 2.75 (UK average: 2.73). The tables we've been given put us joint 10th for Electronics nationally and joint 29th for Computing, but they're not expressed in the same grade-point average terms as the other tables so are subject to all kinds of biases. I could probably find the right figures if I downloaded the appropriate 25mb file, but I'm a little disinclined to do so.

So on the one hand, it's great that Essex will have money rained on it from the sky because of its high research ranking, but on the other it would rank even higher and get even more money rained on it if our department (plus Law, English and Biology) were to be shut down.

Ah, we Yorkshiremen, we're such pessimists...

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