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6:42pm on Wednesday, 17th December, 2008:

Overheard in the Bank


So, I'm waiting for the cashier to go get a form to fill in so I can deposit a dollar cheque, and to my right there's an old bloke trying to send some Euros to his daughter in Germany. His cashier is filling in a form, too.

Cashier: Phone number?
Old Man: Sorry, I didn't catch that, I'm deaf.
Cashier: Can I have your phone number, please?
Old Man: Can you repeat that again? I'm deaf.
Cashier (louder): Do you have a mobile?
Old Man: A what? Sorry, I'm deaf.
Cashier:(very loud): DO. YOU. HAVE. A. TELEPHONE?
Old Man: No, I don't have one: I'm deaf.

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