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11:34am on Sunday, 16th March, 2008:

Saint Paul's Revenge


I probably wouldn't have gone to the computer show despite my VIP ticket, but decided to do so because that evening I was meeting Brian "hey, you linked to my blog!" Green. We spent several hours debating the finer points of game design, tools provision and Wikipedia abuses in a restarant in the shadow of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

When it came to leave, it was raining again, quite heavily. We headed for the nearest London Underground sign, but it was, naturally, leading to a subway system that had been closed to prevent people from actually using it. I did, however, know vaguely where the station for Saint Paul's itself was, so we headed for that.

Here's how some of the conversation went:

Me: I know there's an underground station somewhere round here, it's actually called "St Paul's", it's just not all that close to the cathedral.
Brian: Ah, but this is London, it could be named after some different St Paul, maybe St Paul the Lesser instead of St Paul the Greater.
(We laugh)
Me: Dear Saint Paul, I am writing to complain about the positioning of your underground station round the back of your cathedral. Why did you put it there, when it makes much more sense to put it round the front? I am considering taking the matter up with your employer.

At that moment, a bus went past through a wide, deep puddle on the road next to us and threw up a wall of water that drenched me from ear to ankle. Brian was caught on the leg, but had used some kind of prescient vision he has to take a step to the right, up against a wall. I was entirely soaked down my whole left side.

You insult Saint Paul, you get a wall of water thrown at you. It's events like this that make weaker-minded individuals believe in religion.

I'll be seeing Brian again in a couple of weeks at IMGDC. This event is held in Minneapolis, which is one of the twin cities; I'm kinda glad it's not in the other one...

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