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10:34am on Wednesday, 15th October, 2008:

Taxing Times


I finally got around to filling in my tax return for 2007/08 today, a whole 16 days before the deadline.

They've changed the form this year to make it simpler. That doesn't mean it's simple, though — just not as bad as it was before. Unfortunately, my usual practice has been to use the previous year's form as a template to fill in the current year's, which worked fine when the forms were the same from year to year. With this year's form being "simpler", though, I couldn't do that, so for me it was actually more complicated than usual.

Oh well, it only took two hours, plus the time it'll take me to shred all the financial details I kept that it turned out I didn't need to keep any more.

I used the kitchen table to get all my documents together and fill in the form, which means the paper bears the pungent stench of boiled vinegar still present following my wife's weekend chutney-making exploits. I hope it doesn't set off their anti-terrorist mail-scanning equipment.

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