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5:36pm on Tuesday, 14th October, 2008:

Back to BT


I got a call from British Telecom today, asking me why I'd changed my phone company.

Aw, not again...

They called me on what used to be my business line for MUSE Ltd.. When we closed MUSE down, I had it converted into a regular household line. So yes, in a sense I had changed my phone company — from BT Business to BT Residential.

Ever since then, I've been getting periodic emails from BT asking if I'd like to change back (sent to my BT Internet address), plus the occasional phone call from someone with "surveys have shown that people like" an Irish accent asking the same thing (on my BT Residential phone line).

Today, I got one of the phone calls. I patiently explained the situation, made it clear that they were wasting their time trying to convert me to BT as I'm already BT, and politely asked that my name be removed from their database of turncoats. Irish call centre guy called up his database, made the change, and assured me I wouldn't be bothered by such requests in future.

Yes, that's what the last one said ... and the one before.

I told him this, and he said that no, this time it would work.

Yes, that's also what the last one said. It's what they always say.

I can see that I'm going to have to move my account to some other phone company just so that BT will bribe me to come back. Then, perhaps, they'll finally accept that I'm one of their customers and go pester some other hapless suspected traitor instead.

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