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7:54am on Tuesday, 12th February, 2008:



Yesterday, I had an EE214 lecture in some room down in the bowels of the university somewhere. Lectures are supposed to finish at 10 minutes to the hour, but the lecturer who has the room before me consistently overruns. Every week, he doesn't release his students until a couple of minutes before 1pm.

As we were waiting, my lot asked me why I didn't just go in and tell him to get out. I said I would if it actually reached 1pm, but this way I got to give the lecturer a disparaging look as he came out. I also mentioned a student I had a three or four years back with absolutely no shame, who would walk into lecturers and sit down before the errant lecturer had stopped (you know who you are, Seb).

"I could do that", said one of the students. "I dare you", said a second.

So it was, to the horror of the rest of us, that the first student opened the door on a full class still being taught, walked to the front of the room, past where the lecturer was still writing on the board, then went to the back corner of the room to the one empty chair and sat down.

People reading this who don't have a British upbringing may be wondering why this was an act of some bravery on my student's part. After all, he was within his rights to do it — the lecture should have been over 5 minutes earlier.

It's just, that simply isn't done.

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