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3:23pm on Monday, 11th February, 2008:

Unwanted Printer


I have an unwanted printer in my office at home, which I need to take to the tip to be recycled. My wife asked me about it yesterday, and then because "if you're going to the tip anyway" we spent several hours cleaning out the garage. Even then we only got half way through it, there was so much that needed chucking out. It was filthy, too: there were 40 denier cobwebs in the windows.

When we decided to pack it in, we had several bin bags full of rubbish, sorted for recycling, plus some old doors and Venetian blinds and stuff that we couldn't put in bags. We left it overnight outside the house.

Today, I took it all to the tip. There was so much, I thought I'd need to make two trips, but with the back setas down I could get it all in. It took 20 minutes to load it all up, mainly because of awkward things like mirrors and old cupboards that kept swinging open. It took another 20 minutes to unload it at the tip (once I'd found somewhere there to park).

Only as I walked past the skip labelled "electrical and electronic" did I remember that I hadn't taken the unwanted printer with me.

The word I'm looking for is "distracted".

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