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4:59pm on Sunday, 30th December, 2007:

Discovery Channel Discovery


I finally got around to watching the Discovery Channel programme, Rise of the Video Game: Level 5, which features me in a few clips (about 30 seconds' worth, from the 2 hours of interview footage they had).


Well the first thing to say is that they try well enough, but it's clear they don't quite get it. They almost do, but they don't. There are some bad cuts (one implying that MUDs had dungeon masters like D&D, for example, and another one in which Nick Yee is shown seemingly talking about something he wasn't actually talking about); there is also a treatment of Quake as if it were a virtual world, which it isn't, and some puffery about Project Entropia that's not as impressive as they seem to think it is. On the whole, though, it's not bad — it's much better than I was expecting, in fact. I just wish they'd let someone who knew the subject matter look it over one last time before broadcast.

I also wish I didn't have that ghastly cyst on my eyelid. Oh well, at least I don't now.

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