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8:35pm on Tuesday, 25th December, 2007:

What a Gift (Take 2)


Remember the other day when I told you about the presents my friend Frank had sent my daughters? Well, today we found out what was inside them. One of them (for my younger daughter) was an entertaining 1970s DVD on old inventions, which we watched this afternoon. The other, however, was rather non-standard. In fact, it was simply amazing. No, really, it was jaw-droppingly astonishing.

OK, so, first you need to read this Mog and Tilly cartoon.

Read it?

So, what Frank sent my daughter Jenny was a CD of Dissatisfied Herbal Tea, by Infinite Clue.

Yes, that's right. Dissatisfied Herbal Tea and Infinite Clue are fictitious. Jenny made them up for the cartoon. Frank paid for a band to record the song!

Not only that, it sounds just like it should, it's incredible! It's exactly how a band called Infinite Clue would record a song called Dissatisfied Herbal Tea. Even the sleeve notes are just perfect. It must have taken months to organise and produce. Jenny, of course, was utterly astounded when she looked inside the wrapping paper and saw what it was — it has to be the best, most unbelievable present she's ever had.

I have to hand it to Frank, that was a present with class.

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