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4:45pm on Tuesday, 24th April, 2007:



The traffic police swooped on Colchester today. There they were stopping cars that were in bus lanes, checking for speeding and photographing tax discs. If you were guilty of a traffic violation, they were going to catch you.

Well, they were until this afternoon. That's when a serious accident on Clingoe Hill (next to the university) blocked it in both directions. Traffic heading east out of Colchester or into Colchester from the east had to be diverted through narrow country lanes or the university's Boundary Road. It was pretty much a standstill — it took me 20 minutes just to get off Boundary Road so I could turn round and get back on it again to go in the opposite direction. Boundary Road is normally prohibited to all traffic except buses and emergency vehicles. Central Colchester was so snarled up that I had to take the backest of back roads (ones that had signs up warning me of army shooting practice, for example).

So it was that the police directed cars to use bus lanes, no traffic could speed even if it wanted to, and anyone with an out-of-date tax disc had ample time to do a U-turn to avoid the camera.

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