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3:03pm on Thursday, 3rd May, 2007:



Our local member of parliament was at the university today, as were the local media. The Student Union was publicising a petition they're organising as part of a campaign to reduce the speed limit on Clingoe Hill, which is the dual carriageway that borders the university on one side. A student was killed crossing it recently, and another was killed last year. The SU wants the speed limit reduced from 70mph to 50mph.

The thing is, Clinghoe Hill has a zebra crossing at the bottom. People who want to cross it can do so safely at the zebra crossing. If they want to cross it further up, there's an underpass (built at quite some expense in response to a student campaign some years ago). If people nevertheless decide to take their lives into their hands and cross the actual surface of the road for the sake of cutting 10 seconds off their journey time, well dropping the speed limit to 50mph is only going to encourage them. Besides, they still won't survive if hit by someone in their 80s even if the speed limit is 50mph.

I'm against dropping the speed limit. Yet what counter-petition can I sign?

This petition is apparently online. Wouldn't it be handy if such petitions had a yes/no box on them, so people against them can let their views be known, too.

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