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2:36pm on Saturday, 23rd June, 2007:

Images of Bloomington


Continuing the theme of showing you pictures I should have shown you earlier, here's one I didn't take in April:

It's right next to a National Guard office.

Hey, here's something we don't have at Essex University:

There's a nicely-landscaped brook at the front of the Indiana Memorial Union:

I saw some unusual wildlife, too. Here's a chipmunk looking to see if I'd gone away (I hadn't):

About 20 shots into the gloom yesterday managed to pick up these fireflies or glowworms or something:

I was impresssed: I've never seen fireflies before, and there were dozens here at dusk.

Finally, an example of the contradictions of America. The place is full of individuals all doing their own thing, and Americans are rightly proud of their traditions of non-conformity. Nevertheless, here's a map of downtown Bloomington:

Is any British city that regimented?

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