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4:07pm on Thursday, 12th April, 2007:

Travels with my Camera


I went for a walk this morning, braving the occasional snowflake (!) to explore the Indiana University campus. Just for you, I took my camera. None of the pictures came out very well, mainly because I didn't put the flash on so as not to draw attention to myself (who knows what local laws I may be breaching by capturing these images?). Still, here are three of them for you.

OK, so this is a good idea:

The grey squirrels here are much redder than the grey squirrels in the UK, which is a little ironic given the effect they've had on the red squirrel population:

This is a nicely amusing statue, although I have the nagging feeling that there should be a dog or something underneath the outstretched hand and someone has stolen it:

I almost took a photograph of the Mexican restaurant promising "burritos as big as your head", but that would have involved crossing the road, which in turn would have involved risking major death, so I thought better of it.

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