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2:29pm on Wednesday, 21st November, 2007:

Ticket Loss


My elder daughter managed to remember a whole day in advance that there was a parents' evening at her college, so yesterday along we went. We parked in the usual car park(which is not where that map says it is, by the way) we use when making such visits, which is nearby over a footbridge.

Now previously when we've used this car park, we've duly paid for our ticket only to find out when we left that we didn't need one. This time, we checked as we went in, and the barrier was down. Aha, the reason was soon apparent: they'd installed new ticket machines.

So off we went to the college, and, because none of the teachers suggested our daughter was likely to win a Nobel Prize any time in the next 5 years, gave her the nagging she has come to expect. Upon our return to the car park, I put the ticket in the new machine and — uh? £3.40? It wanted £3.40?! Normally, it only costs £1.50! £3.40 is outrageous. No, actually it's more like OUTRAGEOUS.

Here's the ticket:

See the time of arrival there, 18:25? And see the time we departed, 19:41? That's only 2 hours we should need to pay for, and even at the new, inflated-for-Christmas prices it shouldn't have been £3.40 .It should have been £2.80. £3.40 is for up to 4 hours. Worse, all exits after 19:00 are meant to be flat rate anyway (that flat rate being £1.50). I know a difference of £1.90 isn't a lot, but it annoyed my wife so much she's still bitter about it today. I ought to sue for the mental anguish this has caused me...

OK, so we needed a ticket to leave, so we paid the £3.40. Then, when we reached the exit barrier, it was raised. We were able to leave for free. This is why I still have the ticket.

Augh! Augh augh augh augh augh!

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