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11:26pm on Wednesday, 12th December, 2007:

Bath Time


I was in Bath today, instead of at an important meeting defending my games degree plans from people who don't see the need to teach C++ for it. I would have taken some pictures, as Bath is very photogenic, but one of my daughters seems to have taken my digital camera and not bothered to return it, so I was unable to take snaps. Still, that's never stopped me before when it comes to vignettes...

Some random observations:

Oh, the reason I was in Bath, by the way, was to take my elder daughter to Bath University for an open day. Bath University has the same kind of glass and concrete 1960s architecture as Essex University, which is to say it's brutally ugly. My daughter gave her name to the person on the door, said nothing for the next 3 hours, but was impressed by what happens when you pour Fairy Liquid into Liquid Nitrogen (not that it's physics, which is what she's applied for). Apparently, the liquids cancel and you get Fairy Nitrogen.

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