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3:52pm on Monday, 5th November, 2007:

Night Flight


I had a window seat on the flight back from Iceland, which meant I got to see clouds and very little else. Very little, that is, until we got over the UK, the clouds disappeared, and I could see all the towns and cities lit up.

I like this kind of view anyway, but I kept noticing flashes of light. You do get these ordinarily when car headlights just happen to align right or the moon reflects off something, but this was far, far more commonplace than that. I soon realised that what I was actually watching were firework displays — hundreds and hundreds of them. Some of the individual fireworks were big enough to make out from several miles away up in the air, so they must have looked awesome from the ground. I'd show you a photo except my digital camera is hopeless at taking anything that requires a long exposure time.

Colchester's fireworks are tonight. They're really good, but jeez, I loathe the presenter...

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