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9:42am on Sunday, 4th November, 2007:

Net Woes


The Internet access in this hotel is, to put it bluntly, sucky. They have three means of access:

The first night I was here, I couldn't access the net using any of these mechanisms. I thought maybe I had my PC's wireless set up wrongly, but it was fine. I could get the connection, just no domain name servers. The next day, they'd fixed it and I could access the net just fine, but yesterday the domain name servers started playing up again. Some names just don't seem to be accessible, and unfortunately for me mud.co.uk is one of them. This means I haven't been able to read my email since yesterday morning. Youhaventlived.com, where QBlog lives, is, however, accessible, so I still get to bore you with my gripes. It's hosted by the same company that hosts mud.co.uk, so I don't know what's going on there...

Right now, I'm sitting outside the lifts in a comfy chair, on a first-floor balcony overlooking the lobby. This gives me access to GrandHotelOpen, and has the added advantage that EVE players wandering around don't see the GAMER label I have on my laptop and come over to chat about corporations or 0.0 space, or make any of the other conversation-openers that I can't answer without exposing myself as a non-player.

Oh well, I fly back today. I'll probaby discover I can't get to mud.co.uk from home or something, too. That's if I can get my laptop in my suitcase: the CCP guys gave me an EVE fleece to keep me warm, but it takes up all the space my laptop occupied on the way here. I hope I don't have to wear it on the plane...

PS: On a completely different note, every single person in Iceland either eats out on a Saturday night or services those who eat out on a Saturday night. If you haven't booked, your fate is in the lap of the gods...

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