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6:12pm on Saturday, 3rd November, 2007:

Images of Iceland


I took some pictures wandering around Reykjavik.

Looks like being the best sculptor from a population of 300,000 is as accomplished as it sounds:

Some impractical baby clothes. These are so small that I doubt they'd fit many newborns, let alone toddlers...

Here's a nice combination of cultures:

A refreshingly honest shop sign:

I thought it was only younger Icelanders who sported mohican haircuts:

The best I can say about Reykjavik's Main Shopping Street is that it's better than Nicosia's. I took this photo at 11:15am on Saturday morning:

From ground level, Reykjavik doesn't look like how I expected Reykjavik to look. From the top of the local cathedral, however, it looks just how I hoped, colourful rooftops and all:

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