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5:20pm on Saturday, 3rd November, 2007:

Iceland Impressions


The water in the hotel smells heavily of sulphur. We're showering either in health-giving minerals or sewage.

Mmm! Hot dogs at breakfast!

I had some reindeer for dinner yesterday. For those of you who have never had reindeer and are wondering what it tastes like, it's much the same as elk.

There are shops on the main shopping street that are open only in summer. I guess that means the local business taxes aren't as alarming as they are in the UK.

Taxis here are the most expensive I've ever encountered. A 1.7km trip that took less than 3 minutes cost 860 krona. Even with the strength of the pound, that still works out at about £7 — eek!

The wait staff in restaurants explain what every item is on your plate for you, which is rather sweet. Yesterday, they were at pains to ensure I knew I had two different kinds of beetroot before me.

Are the streetlights here ever switched off at this time of year?

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