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2:52pm on Thursday, 14th December, 2017:



A letter to your future self is like a tattoo, except you get to decide whether to read it or not and can burn it if your future self finds it embarrassing.

I was mooching around in a bookshop prior to a dental appointment this morning, and spotted a kit for writing a letter to your future self. I think it had pens and paper and an envelope in a tin, and maybe some advice on what to do. I expect that so few people know how to write letters these days that they wouldn't have the necessary equipment otherwise. I can't say the idea appeals to me, although that's because my future self will have no more ability to read my present self's handwriting than my present self has.

A letter from my future self to my past self would be worth it, if I could guarantee delivery. I'd certainly have liked my present self to have been able to tell my past self to buy Bitcoins when they were a dollar each.

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