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5:36pm on Wednesday, 13th December, 2017:



My office door was open. A student in the corridor outside looked in and asked me whether I knew when another member of staff with an office nearby was in. I told him I didn't. He was about to go, but then spotted my name plate. That's when things got strange.

Student: Are you Richard Bartle?
Me: Yes.
Student: I was going to do you.
Me: What?
Student: I was going to do you, but then I found out most other people were going to do you so I did someone else instead.
Me: What?
Student: You're easy.
Me: What?

It turns out that one of my colleagues has been setting an assignment in which students have to create a web site based on a member of staff. Most of them choose me, because I have a bigger Internet footprint than anyone else in the department so there's lots of material from which to select. Well over half the students choose to do me on that basis.

I don't know whether to be flattered or freaked out by this news.

I hope none of them are shrines.

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