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8:34pm on Sunday, 5th February, 2017:

13 Hours


I've played The Witcher III for 13 hours so far. There are many hours left to come, as I'm only level 6 and am advancing very slowly. The reason I'm advancing slowly may, however, be because I've stopped following the main questline to go off and investigate the assorted question marks on the map. The game looks great, the writing is excellent and the voice acting is strong (although the regional English accents aren't tied to game regions). There were so many cut scenes, though, that I got the feeling I was watching a movie and occasionally had to stop to play a short game before I could continue watching again. Also, some of the choices I had to make were pretty well decided at random as I don't have the full context from having played The Witcher II. I figured I should pause the storyline for awhile so I don't get cross with it.

Going off piste made for more of a game. OK, so I just defeated 5 bandit camps in a row, having previously defeated three pirate camps in a row, but there are some other things to do, too. I'm having trouble with the controls, though, most of which I'm not using because I'm very not left-handed. The mouse is also awkward at times, because the character you control can't turn on the spot; this means that if I'm next to something I want to interact with, I sometimes can't get him to face it as he'll walk over it or round it.

Still, it's pretty good so far and not feeling like a grind yet.

Time for another few hours of play tonight.

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