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6:13pm on Saturday, 4th February, 2017:

Transport, and the Lack Thereof


I went to London today for reasons of "Ooh, one of my game designer friends is in town!". Those three hours were great, but the three hours getting there and three hours getting back weren't.

London is normally an hour away from Colchester by train. Sunday is a bad day for travelling by train because they do rail mainternance on Sundays (they stopped for the Olympics, but that's the only respite I remember in recent years). Unfortunately, they decided to do their maintenance on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. This meant I had to take a train, then a bus to a tube station, then a tube train.

Because I was on a tube station on the line I wanted to go to, I stayed on it. This did make it rather awkward when I got off in central London because my ticket wasn't valid for beyond Liverpool Street. I thought it was good for one tube journey, but apparently not. I had to ask where I could pay the excess, but the gate operators took pity on me and let me out anyway. On the way back, I did pay as normal — which is just as well, because ticket inspectors went through the train. If they'd done that while I was unknowingly fare-dodging on the way in, I might not have, er, fared so well.

Oh, and for those people who don't like taking replacement bus services, your attempts to drive from this part of the world to London would have to account for the fact that the A12 is closed for maintenance this weekend, too.

I wonder if lack-of-communication between transport authorities is a feature of other countries or just the UK. Come to that, I wonder if the railway-in-permanent-need-of-maintenance-closures is only a UK speciality, too.

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